this is for my friend ems!

the swedish boy

one cold lonely night i met a man

a man with a word of honour

he said he love me

but he was never been to me.

he promise me a rose garden

but what's happening then?

with just a nap of a finger

he leave me for better..(i hope so)

then he came back to sweden

with a girl he met on southern

a girl named irene

my heart is so broken.

i hope one day soon i'll forget you

and made my life renew

but for now i cannot be over you!

Poetry by loulou
Read 998 times
Written on 2006-06-03 at 13:05

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EH bakit arlene???....ok ang poem na to..pamatay sa galing!!! keep on writing here!!! muahhh

Sad...but think of it being his loss, not yours..nice write!