is he the one for me?

The one to help me forget

The man that broke my heart, my soul

It's going to be hard to forget

And pick up the pieces he left

But I can feel my heart open again

It's opening for you

Just come in and love me back

That's all you have to do...

i love you

Poetry by loulou
Read 975 times
Written on 2006-06-10 at 12:05

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Benny Strukelj
Great pome, but not god to take a new one to forget the old one.

thanks malin and hasseen whel...
i really appreciate your thoughts...
god speed!

Malin Johansson
This is the question, Is he the one for me?
I think that we find the true one when we least expect it... Thanks for a good poem :)

Honestly I dont want you to hurt but he is not for you...maybe someday you found the very best man who fulfill your emptiness and giving you some love!!!

..thank's for sharing this my friend..remember I'm just here for you...go on live life to the fullest!!!kisses