a friend showed me her scars yesterday,then i showed her mign,i wish i didnt,she wants hers to be as bad as mign,im not sure why,i hate my scars,im ashamed of them,i hide them all the time,her's will heal,mign wont.


i've done the same,
cut my wrists,
left scars,
but its not right,
i hate it,
i did it alot,
my arms are a mess now,
they bled so bad sometimes,
but im glad i did it,
the scars remind me of who i was,
a damaged kid,
but im over it now,
i understand why you do it,
i just need you to stop,
dont take it as far as i did,
i cauld have died,
i need you to stop,
for you,not me,
you will regret it if you dont stop,
i promise you.

Poetry by UnforgivenAngel
Read 490 times
Written on 2006-06-03 at 23:39

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This is good :) you should give her the poem and tell her what you feel about her doing it. Tell her that she will regret, and if she cares about you, she will stop. It's really good :) Keep it up (Y)

Hugs from Kittipuusen <3