i dont understand, but good luck to you.

a different rhyme?

im searching for a new rhyme,
im running out of time,
for a different line,
looking so fine,
i need to say,
unusual today,
the world will end,
the truth, i bend,
we cauld die,
wish i cauld fly,
back to a house,
with a mouse,
a sad rhyme,
no more time,
a house,not a home,
with a knome,
no where you've been,
nothing you've seen,
would make you miss it,
stones and grit,
your alone,
without a phone,
just a rhyme,
no time,
same as any other,
no lover,
it means nothing.

Poetry by UnforgivenAngel
Read 986 times
Written on 2006-09-14 at 22:45

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Great work! Just something fun to read!!!
It has the greatest flow!!!
Thanks for posting it!

Michael G
lol.. nice.. a funny, nice peice of randomness to read after a long time studying!