its nothing but rhyme

write a bundle of lies,
dont tie up the loose ties,
make it rhyme,
earn a dishonest dime,
sing a chorus of 'truth',
backed up with unreal 'proof',
crowds worship you,
for taking drugs, sniffing glue,
abusing decent people,
that cant be cool,
'coz they worked their whole lives,
for their money, their wifes,
yet you put them down,
like you wear the crown,
yet you shout a few words,
just a few words,
and they love them,
cling to them,
close to their hearts,
while your sleeping with tarts,
your nothing,
the evil, you bring,
you cant see,
this person, you will never be,

Poetry by UnforgivenAngel
Read 982 times
Written on 2006-09-05 at 21:52

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