Twice in the life of each person comes a transitional age by Ann Wood

Twice in the life of each person comes a transitional age

I once asked a wise man:
- Why are our elderly relatives so unbearable? Do they not know that they can hurt us, they know all our pain points and strike us on them purposefully. Sometimes with extreme accuracy, and even watching with pleasure they pierce us.

And here is what this wise man said to me:
- You know, twice in a person's life comes an advanced age and he becomes intolerable to his loved ones. Obviously, to ease separation and care.
In their youth, they become unbearable before they leave home and begin an independent, independent life. They bring their parents so far that they can still enjoy their decision to leave home and leave, beginning an independent life. All the fine relationships are broken and the child no longer hurts to break up. Tenderness is thinning.
The same thing happens in old age, in old age. This is how nature prepares us for our last farewell. The more unbearable a loved one is in the last years of his life, the easier it is to part with him. Because all the fine bonds of life are broken too, only debt remains, and tenderness becomes thinner.
Worse for those who in the first and the second case retain tenderness in the relationship.

Sometimes this tenderness breaks lives.

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Written on 2019-11-25 at 14:13

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