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NOTE:  2019 12 17  12H39 EST  The Office Slacker  - ramblings...

The Office Slacker


- when a bureaucrat tells you that you "misunderstood", after weeks of chasing them up on what they said they'd be doing for you and they did nothing...


At moments we're just left a bit baffled,

And wonder if we're going crazy.  

I don't think that we suffer

Any intellectual impediments,

But in the way we're being received

By these people, it feels like they're

Making a lot of effort to make us believe it!


No.  We most certainly didn't misunderstand.

We shook hands, eyes locked, when what

Would happen next was confirmed between

Us at the end of the meeting with them.

It couldn't have been any clearer than that.

The audacity of this guy is astounding...

We misunderstood.  Right.  It must be that.


More like we fell on the office slacker.

You know, the one who looks so very

Busy, but is actually doing nothing? 

Their whole day is focused on all

The littlest irrelevant things to do,

Just so that they look on task. We got

That one.  Resorting to platitudes like:


There was a misunderstanding

On our part (when confronted

With the fact nothing was done

On their part).  But there wasn't.

Seems like that's the cop out phrase

To hide their bacon behind, and to

Hell with how the client will live it.


So, yeah.  All of this is so maddening.

We're not idiots.  We're not disorganized.

We follow really well what is said to us.

So, often with them, we're just left a bit

Baffled, and wonder if we're going crazy.  

And I don't think that we suffer

Any intellectual impediments...


Imagine if they'd put all

Of that effort they put in

To make us believe it,

Into actually helping people.


That's a nice thought.



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Written on 2019-12-17 at 18:55

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