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NOTE:  2019 12 17  20H35 EST  Ramblings 485 - :)

Ramblings 485


Ouf. Enfin. A break started

Today and it was well overdue.

These weeks having turned

Into months, and having felt

Quite interminable, have finally

Come to a well welcome stop.

So tonight, we turned the lights off,

And settled down to watch a movie,

Question of letting our minds unwind.


Cuddled together, happy in the moment.

A little while into the movie, though,

Some unusual background noise seemed

To be seeping through loud enough

From some nondescript direction,

Making us scratch our heads, really.

This went on for a little while longer,

And it was distracting as anything.

Then it became clear what it was:


Lilly, our cat, curled up on the couch...



Words by Moods The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2019-12-18 at 15:37

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Lawrence Beck The PoetBay support member heart!
I'm with Tom. This is a very pleasant, well-delivered vignette.

MetaPoetics The PoetBay support member heart!
I like the surprise ending, the way you used the cat's snoring in the poetic narrative. I like the whole piece very much for the mood and atmosphere it sets.

ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
SO enjoyd reading this work of yours. Your mogee, appears totally unconcerned! :)
Ken D

I cherish so much about this poem, the lively, the vital specificity. You bring us into the moment!