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NOTE:  2019 12 18  23H53 EST  Heart to Heart - for L.  ...

Heart to Heart

- about the darkness... an all too familiar fierce foe of mine as well which often during the course of my life nearly claimed me... and these thoughts and distraction methods I've had to work really hard at them to be able to apply them in those moments... it takes practice, but with time it does afford a little bit of help to diminish the intensity of otherwise overtaking moments like these...


My love goes out to all

Whose heart is about to burst

And is under the strain of a

Crushingly convincing weight

That spurs to mind all sorts

Of final scenarios to make it stop

Know that isn't near the truth

Or reality of a reasonable option


Remember that you do laugh

Remember that you do love

Remember that you are loved

Remember that it all matters

'Cause it's the best part of life

And you've felt it worthwhile

Many times over before this

Really helps to force remembering


Only now in the veil of deceptive whispers,

And shouts that nag all concentration

While sucking all the air out of the space

Because the beast has risen to grind its teeth

Against you and all that matters on all levels

Is why you'd even consider any such thing

Otherwise, you're the one who stands strong

Who'll say what needs to be said without holds


Is honest and passionate, obviously a sensitive

Soul who paints the views of a world in need of it

In a talent for words that makes us take notice

That's not nothing.  That's not unimportant

Those are only some of the reasons I know

And though we're strangers, got'em from you

These feelings must count

Since they exist 'cause of you


To you whose heart is about to burst

And is under the strain of a

Crushingly convincing weight

That spurs to mind all sorts...

Can I hold out my hand to you?

Maybe we can remember together

And spend time talking, reminiscing for

That crashing wave needn't be ridden alone


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Written on 2019-12-19 at 05:53

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