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NOTE:  2019 12 19  04H01 EST  Il n'y a que toi - with rough translation...

Il n'y a que toi


"Tu es brave dans ton amour
Voué à la compassion
Plus belle inspiration
Tu dis la vérité
Sincère dans tes intentions
Ton coeur sur la main
Mon coeur dans ta main
Mon amour"


- Above is an excerpt of lyrics from a Poets of the Fall song titled "Partir avec moi", a French version of their song "The Sweet Escape" from their last album... it's the song referenced in my text (the one I'm listening to as I write this), and it makes me feel a lot for all of the reasons mentioned... to my douce moitié, je t'aime... 



Mon amour, quand cette mélodie

flotte dans l'air, je ne peux m'empêcher

de me laisser faire transporter dans

toutes les sensations que c'est d'être

complètement en amour avec toi

et de t'avoir à mes côtés comme j'ai

la chance depuis plusieurs années.

C'est le sentiment le plus certain de toutes

questions qui se passent dans ma tête...


My love, when this melody

is floating in the air, I can't help

from letting myself go into

every sensation that there is

to be completely in love with you

and to have you by my side like I have

had the chance for many years now.

It's the surest feeling of all the

questions that go on in my mind...


Mon amour, s'il y a une chose dont je

suis sans hésitation ou doute à savoir,

c'est notre histoire qui a le plus de sens

dans toutes les autres qui nous entourent.

Cette vie est si pleine de hasards, et toi,

tu es mon plus beau, plus chanceux,

rempli de tendresse, et que dire de tes

caresses qui me font soulever de désirs...


My love, if there's one thing for which I

have no hesitation or doubt about knowing,

it's our story which has the most sense

in all of the other ones around us.

This life is so full of outcomes relying on chance,

and you, you're my most beautiful, most lucky,

full of tenderness, and what to say of your

caresses that lift me with desires...


Tout ça me plonge dans l'imagination

électrique où nos corps sont unis

et nous nous laissons aller dans nos

plaisirs si sublimes, comme un beau

rêve qu'on ne veut pas qui finisse...

Mon amour, cette chanson me fait

ressentir qu'on est en ballade ensembles

et nous filons vers notre destin si mérité.


All of this makes me jump into an electrified

imagination where our bodies are united

and we're letting ourselves free in our

pleasures so sublime, like a beautiful

dream we wish would never end...

My love, this song makes me

feel like we're out on a stroll together

and we're heading toward our deserved destiny.


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Written on 2019-12-19 at 10:05

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Thomas D The PoetBay support member heart!
Thank you so much for this fine poem, and for the translation, as my grasp of French is shaky at best. I did try the French before the English, and most of the time I understood it.

I was thinking of the beautiful reality behind "plusieurs années": it is immensely fortunate that the speaker of this poem has the enriching stability and the continuing adventure of knowing a person so well!

Also, the loveliness of the word "chanceux" (to my ear) struck me as a particular felicity!

Grateful that you shared this poem.