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NOTE:  2019 12 19  15H26 EST  Ramblings 487 -

Ramblings 487


- taking Thomas D's advice and just trying to let words that come lead the way, but so far without much success... so I took out my own notebooks (1990-2019) to seek out the bits that came from nowhere and went nowhere, I think... here are a few I picked out for no particular reason, the contexts of their 'creation' is long gone... if any of them strike thoughts for elaboration or continuation, please don't hesitate to let me know... maybe something can come out of it (inspiration for my head or a collaboration or whatever may be possible, if anything)...




We don't know anymore.

What's left to explore?

The circling wheels

piercingly squeal...

and no chance they'll relent

or will we circumvent

their ongoing persistance

to not stop this numbing trance




Passive seconds without interest,

lean over, lending an unconcerned

glance towards minutes...





All the pretty thoughts

toss, and then twist

to a darkness so deep,

releasing all that's needed

to be forgotten.


Rest decides to follow suit,

and joins happiness to its

most secret hideaway,

isolated, unknown spot.

Might as well.


Too tired to move, and

too beyond exhausted

to find sleep, circling

misery as though it were

the grandest of all get-togethers.


Then there're the chaotic voices

that mix in, like extra spices to

flavor these tasteless moments.

And loud, unstoppable laughter,

Prodding the edge of a fraying


Sanity's feeble hold.




Could it be understood

If I proceeded to tell

That I'm not always good

At pretending I'm well




Words look as

though they

will lose sense

of the North

and trip over

a mound of






Who needs drugs when

there's sleep deprivation?




Reality takes me

out at the back, in

the dark alley, to

remind me

that I'm nothing.




His heart meandered

in the maze of confusion

until the crossroad section

came to appear in his view.


He wondered in earnest,

within the limits of the trench,

wary to place foot on mine,

if his affections could mend.


He looked above in silent prayer,

contemplating the values of his maker,

trying to find an iota of necessity for

the overabundance of tragedy.


His heart thumped while he

stumbled in a maze of desolation.

Another day, another night,

the invisibility hinders destiny.




The effect of you being around?  It's like trying to get a cat hair off the tongue...




Maestro, bestow

upon us, your vision.

Sway our spirits

inside pacifying songs

choreographed from

your giving soul.


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Written on 2019-12-19 at 21:25

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Thomas D The PoetBay support member heart!
Thank you for these gifts, and they are gifts, to your reader. The candour and the beauty of #03, and the stoicism of #04 to #06 appeal to me greatly. There's a kind of "uphill" humour to these three verses! #09 is wonderfully vivid! And as for #07, I hope that the voices which tell a soul that she or he is "nothing" are not the reality, but something akin to a bad dream. (But I do feel the image of the "dark alley" quite deeply.)

Again, abundant gratitude for sharing these raw, shining, dark, honest, wonderful, courageous pieces!