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NOTE:  2019 12 21  17h24 EST  Ramblings 489 -

Ramblings 489


The wish is, if there was a way,

We'd disappear and go off

On our own to wherever time

Would see fit for the both of us.


'Cause what's on offer right now

It's nothing inspiring or uplifting

And I know the two of us deserve

Way better than all of this madness.


At some point, at some time, I guess,

We'll be able to accomplish this need.

Everything else is so unimportant

And so much of a repeating situation.


And while it's not to say that the world

That surrounds us is full of... you know.

At least you and I, that part is very real.

The best anyone could ever dream of.


So why through all of the happiness of us

The grips of this insidious state in me

Still has the power to annul everything.

It makes absolutely no sense, in reality.


So here were are.  Both of us beaten down.

Not by any thing in particular, just general.

And though we love each other greatly

We still haven't found how to be open


Without sending the other in a heap

Of worry and fear of what's to come.

That's just not on, but here we are.

We're each on our sides falling apart.


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Written on 2019-12-21 at 23:28

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i wish you good luck and strength for the future. and for now, a merry christmas and happy new year 2020

best wishes from both of us
Albert and Aurelie