Our vacation in Torquay Devon countie by Ann Wood

Day one of our vacation:
It is 15th of January 2020 I am still at work have lest then one hour until the end of my shift, today my mom and I will go to Torquay Devon countie for five day vacation. I finish work at 0804hrs and my mom already was waiting for me outside the hospice where I work. I put my bags in the car and get out the tomtom to found our way to Torquay. It is raining and cold today but we are happy that soon will be on the beach side. We start our journey the traffic is busy at this time of the day. We enjoying the music from te CD player in the car and make our plans for the journey and our vacation. This morning the traffic is very heavy and it is take us one hour to get to Slough our home town in England and one more hour to get to the motor way. Around 11am we stop for break to use rest room and get a coffee. The rain was stop for now we get our coffee and look in the shopping center. Around 1115hrs we go back to our car and start traveling again i make few pictures, than get the news papper to read the news. It start to rain again and I watching the view from my window in the car. Around 1pm we stop for break to use the rest room and to buy some soft drinks. We look around the shopping center and half hour later start our journey again, I make some more pictures during the journey. We arrieve at our hotel around 1406hrs, take our bags to the room and look around the hotel. Our room is on second floor and looking to the front yard of the hotel. It is double room with two singles beds, sofa, working desk and chair,a wardrobe, two bedside cabinets and a chest of drawers with a large flat TV and many mirrors. Nice big bathroom with shower cabine and toilet. Once we put our stuff in the room and have our lunch, I check my emails and talk to my friend, Lacy from GA USA. Around 4pm I fall asleep and when I get up it was 2030hrs, I go to the rest room and then have a shower. After my shower I watching some TV and talk to few friends. Around 11pm I fall asleep. Around 12pm I wake to go to the rest room and check my email box, then back to bed and fall asleep again.
Day two of our vacation:
And when I wake up it was 4am in the morning on 16th of January 2020, the morning of my birthday. Today is my 45th birthday and my mom and I are on our vacation in Torquay Devon countie. We are still in bed but awake, mom is reading a book and I am talking to my friend Mel from Germany. It is 0755am and the traffic outside is busy people going to work. Near by I can here builders work at the hotel. Soon it will be breakfast and we have to get ready. Today we will go to the town for walk and to celebrate my birthday. At 0845hrs we go for our breakfast and the birthday cake. We have a nice full English breakfast, cup of tea and juice, yogurt and some fresh fruits and toast with jam.After breakfast we go back to our room and watch a movie. Around 1130am we go out for a drive to the sea side of Torquay.I make some pictures. There is teather and some hotels around, nice promenade gardens and beautiful views. It is rainny and windy again. The town is on the hill and have many churches, the ocean is beautiful but stormy. We drive around the town and around 1pm back to the hotel. I am playing bingo on my laptop and my mom reading her book. Outside is still raining and cold. This afternoon we stay indoors because of the rain. I was watching movies and my mom reading a book. Around 6pm we order a pizzas and have our supper in the room. After supper I talk with few friends and watching telly. Now I writing notes for my story. Soon will go to bed and watching a movie. It is around 12pm and I feeling sleeppy, better go and have some rest. Good night for now, see you in the morning.
Day three of our vacation:
It is early of the morning on 17th of January 2020, I am still in bed and soon will get up to have a shower. It is the morning of my nameday, in my country we have days of ours names which are after the saints from the Bible. My name is after St Anthony which we celebrate on 17th of January each year. After I take a shower I get ready for breakfast and after breakfast we back to our room. For breakfast we have toast, cook breakfast, coffee and juice and some fresh fruits. Around 11am we go out for a day trip to the nearest town called Buckfast Abbey. It is nice and sunny today. We stop in ASDA for water and some snacks and get back on the road. The view is so beautiful, I am taking pictures during our journey. Around 1230hrs we arrieve to the town of Buckfast Abbey. It is histirical place with cathedral and working monastery, big nice gardens, shops, restaurant, hotel and conference center, free car park and entry, which is open during the whole year. The Buckfast Abbey is founded 1018. If you want to visit it here is the address: Buckfast Abbey Buckfastleigh Devon TQ110EE, telephon for contcact is 00441364645500, email: info@buckfast.org.uk or visit their web site: www.buckfast.org.uk. You will love it it is so nice incide and peacefull. We look around and sit to pray in the church. Then we go to visit the shops and look around the gardens. After that we go into the town for walk and shopping, than we go back to our car and start our journey again. It was lovely day out and gorgeous views I make a lot of pictures. We back to our hotel in Torquay around 4pm have nice cup of tea and watching telly until supper we order BBQ chicken and chips with soft drink. After supper we watching telly and talk to the family and friends. I check my emails and write a letter to my friend. Soon will go to have a shower and to bed it is getting late and I feel tired. It is 12pm and I just have my shower and getting ready for bed. Good night everyone will see you all in the morning, sweet dreams all.
Day four of our vacation:
It is 18th of January 2020 around 8am in the morning. It is St Atanasday today. We are still in bed and watching the morning news on telly. It will be other nice day for going outside. At 0845am we go for breakfast, we have as always tost and cooked breakfast with fresh fruits and juice and coffee. After breakfast we back to our room and I get back to bed was feel bit cold. My mom go out to ASDA for shopping and when she back around 1130pm and around 12pm we go out to the town of Torquay to the museum near by our hotel and the church there. There also was have park with golf club, tennise courts and bowling play grownd. After that we go to the sea side and town center, for long walk and shopping therapy. There a lot of small hotels and casinos around the town. Also there so many churches in this town. We past near by we past French church which was so big. Around 0130pm we stop to have our lunch in one of the restaurants in the town center. We have burgers with chips and coke cola for mom and creamy soda for myself. It was nice lunch with nice music from the sterio. Then we go to shop I get a new shoes for myself. Around 5pm we get back to our hotel. I have cup of tea and check my emails. Than get in bed and watching telly with my mom. Talk to few friends on facebook. Than put a movie on and watching it until 12pm where I go to bed. Tonight I can not sleep few times was get to the rest room. Around 4am I finally fall asleep. Good night all see you in a few hours. Sweet dreams my dear friends.
Day five of our vacation:
It is 0845am on 19th of January 2020, our last day in Torquay Devon countie. I just wake up and getting ready for our journey back home. Around 0900am we go for breakfast. It was like always tost and cook breakfast fruits and juice. Around 10am I take the bags to the car and back to the room to use the bathroom and get my laptop bag and my hand bag. At 1005am we start our journey to Totnes villige to visit my mom friend. It is nice country side. We stop for a bit in her home and around 11am we get on the road again. Around 1230am we stop for lunch and to use the rest room. I get few magazines for reading in the car. It is nice and sunny today, but still chilli. We start drive again around 1pm, it is busy traffic again. My mom put the music on and we sing the songs coming from the CD player. The traffic is havy because M4 is close for work proce on it. We lost our direction and back again on motorway. We get in Slough after 4pm. My mom drop me at my home and than she go to her home. It was such long journey over 6 hours. At home I put one washing machine on and unpacked my stuff. Have some salad and soup for dinner and after that go to bed to watching tell. When the washing finished i put it to dry and put second machine on. I was awake until and that machine finished and put it to dry. I wash my dishes and go to bed talk with my friends for a bit and around 12pm I fall asleep, was so tired after the long journey in the car. Good night everyone see you soon. Sweet dreams everyone.

Short story by Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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