Music by Ann Wood

A long time ago,
a tribe sprang up
"Meek" people, but talents
christened them - musicians!
Literate or illiterate,
ever ?stagnant?, negotiable
with loud names shouting,
women love them very much!
On pubs and on birchalets
Taverns and taverns
Caravans, restaurants
It's all full of musicians
They drink beer, they philosophize
Quarrels even get angry
Music commented
That she is most understood
They call each other "my brother"
, and there are no "opposite" between them
There is no racism between them
hatred or selfishness
at least from the first impression
this is my humble opinion.
I'll try to list them,
but please only without a fuss !?
The first self-taught trawler
The second is a ?scholarly? musician
The third one was drinking
The fourth one was scored
Fifth chalgaji local
The sixth "most famous"
Seventh had a sweet finger
Eighth was thick with the boss
The ninth solos alone
The tenth is slightly big.
And so up to a hundred
each with his own marafet.
There are more, read,
or if you're going to be angry!
Which of the regulations best understood
and all the brands commented
another singer sent ,,
and more money paid them!
She played everything without a kef,
or you just pretended to be a boss,
for another, harmony is easy,
and slept with a payner known.
That who whom, where discussed
who - the customers were chasing,
the third scheming weed,
but the whirlwind but the bashal.
One of the kids was in class,
and the other is "drm - a diamond".
One of the Parsi's
, and another - markets were undercut.
I don't see in this mess ....
Yes, I'll be fine soon ...
And it always will be,
in the music environment!
Masters, stars, musicians,
all playboys and downloaders
everyone has a hidden talent,
this is to be a MUSIC !!

Poetry by Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2020-01-22 at 15:11

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