I wrote this on Thursday 13 Feb when a wave of depression came over me, and on the 15th we heard the sad loss of Caroline Flack..... Rest in peace in heavens cotton clouds Caroline.

Your life

When your life goes up in a puff of smoke
No time left to fix all the things you broke

No more hugs and kisses that you always craved
Just silent steps walking the path that you've paved

No more keeping busy to stop depression creeping in
No more fighting that battle you vowed yourself to win

No more texting away to your hearts content
With all your keyboard rants that you always seem to vent

No more giving your best to those in your care
They'll have no one to look up to if you're not there

No more feeling stressed over the one you hold dear
You've really got to know that you're still needed here

So all these things are what make you you
Which can't be replaced by a picture or two

So sit and think for one minute, of where you're going to go
Because you can never return when your life is turned to smoke.

Copyright 2020 Peter Williams

Poetry by peter williams
Read 556 times
Written on 2020-02-16 at 13:32

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I can feel sadness.,missing someone
You love. Thank you for sharing!