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NOTE:  2012 10 16  23H47 EST  Funny That - old draft never posted...

Funny That


Our story contained many pages

and the most surprising was the end

always believed love was for the ages

not something for you to use and bend


Ripped to shreds is all that was left

of our hearts when the illusion faded

never was I ever rendered so bereft

the day everything became so jaded


How the loss felt grossly insurmountable

I could never properly word it out for you

but everything that was respectable

suddenly fell away and apart from true


How the betrayal of trust soared

and the disbelief was difficult to bear

never thought you could make me so sore

and in a way you could never, you’d swear


I guess all of the promises you made

were just a matter for the moment

never mind I forgave your escapades

loved you even through the torment


Your eyes always convinced such sincerity

and I fell for every one of your apologies

Well, blame can only be bestowed upon me

I should have detected you had strategies


To think back on the pages of our story

it feels strange to remember the good

as though it was someone other than me

who had by you tried all that they could


Because that last page certainly clouded

every bit of worth to capture in memory

only natural for it all to have got shrouded

as a result of such shameless dishonesty


Still, I somehow manage a little smile

when the thought of us comes to mind

and how at one time you would beguile

while our hearts seemed to beat in kind

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Written on 2020-04-01 at 08:37

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