I think so by Ann Wood

I think so !!!
This text is circulating on social networks in the Czech Republic. Here it is in Bulgarian!

Humanity has received the contagion it deserves.

We've stopped respecting our health, that's why we're getting sick so we realize it's the most important thing!

We do not respect nature, so now we will realize how beautiful it is!
We stopped caring for our families! We are now locked in to learn how to live together!

We stopped respecting the elderly and sick, and now this disease reminds us how vulnerable they are!

We stopped respecting doctors and pharmacists, but now we realize that they are irreplaceable!

We stopped respecting the teachers, but now that the disease has closed the schools, they are up to us!

We thought we could buy everything, be everywhere with everyone, but now we will realize that nothing is a given!

Greed confused us - we spent our time in malls, but now they are the conclusion to realize that happiness is not bought!

We only cared about how we looked and competed with each other, but now our faces are covered in masks!

We were thinking of rulers of the earth, but now a miniature virus has tamed us and given us a very important lesson! That we should be more human and less self-confident!

The pandemic takes us a lot, but it gives us the opportunity to learn a lot and to understand what matters most in life!

Short story by Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2020-03-21 at 23:56

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