Noir Chapeau, the apathetic leader of Legion K*, makes an introduction by explaining his "illness" in three simple paragraphs.

* Violence driven gang used to traffic drugs, weapons, & women, among other things.

Wish (The Majestic Truth)

June 6, 2028

I accepted the fact that the world no longer looked the same through these sadists' eyes. Horrid crimes failed to frighten my unbalanced mind, and I soon found the majestic truth which burrowed skin deep. All the memories I had once held so close seemed nothing more than an equivocal dream; yet, beyond the long forgotten visions, a concrete lust trembled with each breath I drew.

There I stood, like a virginal instrument waiting to be plucked, my desire detectable to the stranger's eye and my limbs dangling beside my bruised body. I remained incomplete, as I am now. My ravenous hunger devoured me minute by minute, day by day, until I finally surrendered and let the future prevail.

Now I wait, unable to relieve myself of this appetite until a foreign body deals a savage blow to my life. In my mind's eye, I must receive the privilege of a brutally artful murder; it is my one wish, to die at the hands of a superior sadist.

Words by Noir Chapeau
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Written on 2006-06-06 at 23:14

Tags Wish  Desire  Sadist 

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This was very cool indeed. I could feel the emotion in the characters and the plot. You are a very talented writer. I wish you good luck. : )

~Aaron Rowe