Noir's latest dream. Or, quite possibly, a haunt.

Through My Skeptic Eyes

June 6, 2028

Every time I breathe I see you coming, slowly crawling out of the dark distance. My skeptic eyes radiate toward your frame, and, with my tongue out and chin high, I scream into the descending night. The sound spirals round your tilted cranium and ricochets off your sweet, iridescent skin. I refuse to heal my agonizing chest, as it vibrates with each howl that spills past my unhinged jaw. You do not know why your limbs carry you forth, but I do. You slither for me, to me.

When reaching my feet in a triumphant sigh, you look to my eyes and whisper in tongues I have never heard before. Furious, I kicked my leg back, then forth, then down onto your smooth, freckled forehead.

"No more of you," I hissed.

Regret found my wandering silhouette, and I cried for all eternity to hear.

Words by Noir Chapeau
Read 1275 times
Written on 2006-06-07 at 01:20

Tags Dream  Regret  Murder 

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