Together Forever

You're all that is on my mind
How do I live without you?
When we met you were so kind
A love I thought I'd never find
I never thought of suicide
Until you left me
Without you in my life
I become unglued
You are my heart and soul
When you're not here
I'm in a black hole
I never thought I'd feel this way
Alone in my world on a rainy day
It kills me to be apart
I feel as if
Someone stole my heart
I want to die
So all the pain will fly away
I never was shy
I can't feel anytihng today
I can't breath
When I think about you
I can't think
When I'm away from you
All that matters in life
Now fades away
I want to be your wife
Together forever starting today

Poetry by Tabitha Campbell
Read 870 times
Written on 2006-06-07 at 00:57

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Ah.....I have experienced these very feelings before--nice job.

Zoya Zaidi
I'll like he rhythm here. It flows well!
Love, xxx, Zoya