This one was written for a class assignment and in NO way describes me. The assignment was to come up with a poem that describes a situation where a person may not know that they are wrong and I chose racism. I chose this becasue there are still many peop

How I've changed

Skinheads, Aryans, and the KKK
Raised from birth until today
The white laces, in black boots, stained red
From those I hated, they severly bled
In my window hangs the Swastika, the Rebel Flag
My daddy says all others belong in a bodybag
I walk around all big and bad
With red suspenders, making others mad,
I carry a knife, I carry a gun,
I walk around, looking for someone
Who's not my kind
Who blows my mind
I don't agree with those
Who set them free and chose
Them over thier own
To me all they have shown
Is weakness above most
Instead of joining in the toast,
They said we're wrong
Yet, they sing a song
Originally created by the Third Reich
And they don't agree or even like
The way Hitler treated
Non-Aryans or the way the blacks were defeated
Everyone runs and all
Hide when we walk tall
Through the streets. We
Don't care how old they are, all we see
Is their color, dress, and race
Then all we do is pace
Until backup comes or help arrives
Though I honestly strive
To change, all because there's
A girl who's mixed and has beautiful hair,
She's got white skin
But her daddy's black and thin
I went to her house and
I wore the only clothes I had on hand
My camoflauge pants, Black boots with white laces,
White tank, and Red suspenders and the look on their faces
Told me they knew, and how they felt about me
Walking in their house, holding her hand, and all I could see
Was her mom, her and her sister, then her dad
Walks in and I see he's black and I think I've had
Enough. I stay for dinner and talk to all
Before I leave her mom hugs me, and I feel so small
When she hands me a pair of blue jeans
And a white tee and tells me what it means.
I smile and say "Thank you". Her dad's coming to
Hug me, there's only one thing I can do,
So I hug him and I feel the warmth and I realize
Its wrong and decide to change. The impact size
Changes drastically and I change the color of
My laces, and buy blue jeans, and different color tank-tops
I throw away my Red suspenders and my Swastica
I cover my racial tatoos and talk to blacks,
Like everyone else I tell her I love her and thats
Why I changed. I ask her dad for her hand,
He says yes and she does too, one evening walking in the sand
I'm different now,
And I don't care how
You dress or what race you are, I treat all
Equally and help those I can to dodge the ball.

Again, the views expressed do NOT in any way, shape, or form reflect mine.

Poetry by Tabitha Campbell
Read 958 times
Written on 2011-06-21 at 00:37

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