I'm sitting here again
Thinking of you, wondering
If you're doing the same,
And just plain pondering.
Are you thinking of me
Or are you set on getting someone
Else, could it really be
Are we meant to be?
Am I in love with you?
Are you in love with me?
Does it matter what I do?
Because I don't want to be
Nothing but friends
I've thought about it
And the answer tends
To be go for it,
The answer tends to be
That you're the one
For me, the one meant
For me to share life with
I've never realized how much
You meant to me
Until now so I think I'll
Make it final. I think I'll
Tell you and the world
Damn it you win,
Because I LOVE YOU!

Poetry by Tabitha Campbell
Read 929 times
Written on 2011-06-21 at 03:20

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