9 to 5

Listening to hour-long playlists on YouTube,

Looking as busy as possible,

Scrolling through Facebook like my life depends on it,

Getting absolutely nowhere from 9 to 5.


Walking down to the metro station and watching trains pass, 

Doors open, doors close, trains leave and I wait,

Not knowing how long it’ll be before I get up and go.


This inertia is intoxicating.

The less I do, the less I need to do.


A curly-haired charmer looks up from his phone,

And through the doors of the metro, right at me.

I get up thinking this is the sign I was waiting for.

Someone to break out of their routine to notice mine.


Poetry by Purple Puddles
Read 224 times
Written on 2020-04-21 at 12:31

Tags Routine  Inertia  Bored 

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