I usually try and end my poems with a bit of hope but this one was stubborn!

I Hate Mumbai

There's sweat between my chins, under my belly and on my shins! 


Who knew you could even sweat down there?!  

Sedentary sweat doesn't go anywhere. 


Chip chip, instead of drip drip,

Wiping it off my upper lip.


Oh, don't worry, blood and tears aren't far behind,

Mumbaikars don't seem to mind.

They hustle and bustle in trains called Local,

About their troubles, they aren't very vocal.


I came here with a suitcase and a dream

Now all I want to do is scream!


Why did I move? Isn't it hard?

But other jobs were not on the card!


So I found a house and made it a home

Spent lots of time all alone


My office is fine

I get there on time

Pay all my bills

With my own dime


Get out on weekends

Go to the beach

Somehow sand seems 

Out of reach


Flyovers plenty

I'm kinda senti

Chai will do

Instead of Venti


Summer will end, right?

When does it rain?

And then of floods

Will I complain?


Wake up, Sid!

Look what you did!

I wasn't prepared for this, kid.


You'll either hate it or love it, I was told.

Some just aren't cut out for it, but be bold.


Things usually go wrong in threes

But here troubles grow on trees

No cook, no maid, lost my keys

Then my bank account decides to freeze.


Half day off

To recover the loss

Of cash and kind

And money and mind!


I'm done already! 

Can't take this 




City unless he

Cools the fuck down

And feels more like my town,

I'm getting on the next plane out

Don't care if the bosses shout!


If this was the destination

I've got off at the wrong station!


I'm not spending another minute

My patience has reached its limit


1 AC, 2 coolers and 3 months later

I'm still a Mumbai-hater!

Poetry by Purple Puddles
Read 194 times
Written on 2022-05-22 at 20:01

Tags Mumbai  Hard  Citylife 

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one trick pony The PoetBay support member heart!
I love it. I can feel the relentless heavy, wet air, the city's equally heavy presence. Sometimes the the upbeat ending just isn't in the cards. Realty trumps.