Another lockdown one before people forget what it was like.

Hair Today and More Tomorrow

As a nation we are mighty
With resilience and flair
Bot COVID's done a number
on our once well-tended hair

The barber's put away his pole
The salons are all closed
Our Marcel waves are fading fast
So here's what I propose

Let's do it in the kitchen
Let's cut our hair at home
Bring to me my poultry shears
and find that plastic comb

I've seen a Youtube video
That takes you through it all
I'm feeling pretty confident!
Well I've practiced on a doll

Let's set up a salon
called Maison Mum and Dad
Now kids can have the type of cuts
that once upon we had

Symmetry is not our style
Bring back the wavy fringe
The kids today don't understand
when hairdos made you cringe

There'll be a lot of screaming
and bucketfuls of tears
When hacking into Hugo's hair
and little Charlotte's ears

And once we've wrecked the children
Our own's long overdue
Dad's hair is sprouting everywhere
My roots are showing through

Help me with my touch-up kit
I'll trim your ears and nose
and while I've got the clippers out
Your forehead I'll expose

So what if it's a failure
No bugger's going to see
I'll wear a hat on Facetime
if I look like a banshee

And think of all the money
we're saving every week
Our bank balance is holding up
It's just our hair that's bleak

I hope it's not much longer
we're dealing with this germ
Just let it be a temporary state
and not a perm

Please open up the salons
It's vital for self care
They're more essential than the pubs
Please save our wretched hair

Poetry by Mack
Read 244 times
Written on 2020-05-21 at 02:46

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Marvellous good humour! Deft with rhythm and rhyme! A joy to read!

ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
The pudding bowl stile of hair cut now making a come back!
Ken D

jim The PoetBay support member heart!
As one whose hair has been this long since 1971, I'm with you, get out the shears and we'll hope for the best.

This is delightful.