A journey in 46 steps

Walk With Me

Like a tightrope walker
I take one step
Then another
Across the knife edge
Hoping to maintain a balance
Up here hope is present and clear
Down there, despair and his companion fear
Time won't let me stand still
So I take one step
Then another
Hoping to stay upright
Hoping to keep control
One trip and you may slip
One fall and its all.... over
But I can't help looking down
Walk with me
Keep your eyes front
And take one step
Then another
No going backwards
This is a one way system my friend
The wind catches you
You nearly fall
But not this day
Today you hold on
And take one step
Then another
Through life
No stopping
There is no pause button
You tire
Your feet bleed
But still you take one step
Then another
Then another
Until the day
That final day
You take your last step
Like Karl Wallenda
Like Solomon Paprinskij
Like all that ever have been
Like all that ever will be
Like all that walk the knife edge
Taking one step
Then another
Hoping to maintain a balance.

Poetry by Mack
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Written on 2020-05-24 at 04:27

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Loved it.Made me think what my final step would be!!That is life!!Good work!!