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NOTE:  2020 06 13  09H24 EST  Cher adulte, calme-toi ? -

Cher adulte, calme-toi ? (with translation)


- « Cher adulte, calme-toi ? » is "Dear adult, calm down?"... 


Pousse, mais pousse égal.

Il y a une grosse nuance entre

une insouciance de jeunesse,

sans malice, et son contraire.

Alors, prends un respir,

il y a beaucoup pire.



rough translation...


« Pousse, mais pousse égal » literally translated is "Push, but push equally"... it wouldn't make much sense in English... so the close equivalent (paraphrasing it, really) I came up with is the following first line...


Put effort into it, but do it reasonably.

There's a huge contrast between

a youthful act of unawareness,

without malice, and its opposite.

So, take a breath,

there's a lot worse.



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Written on 2020-06-28 at 20:39

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Bibek The PoetBay support member heart!
Love the didactic quality in this one. :)

It is so beautiful in French. Another excellent poem!