Notes on public transport: A little dog story by unknowed autor traslated by Ann Wood

Notes on public transport: A little dog story
How are you, dear brothers and sisters, from public transport? You all know the saying, "Better poor but healthy than rich and sick." However, the fresh sea humor (for Pateley, a passenger, the Hemus highway is like the Constantinople Highway) made a small "correction." It thus became "Better healthy and rich than poor but sick." Just think how much wisdom there is in this little shifting of words. However, we must clarify that the remake of the proverb is by people who are healthy, and if they are not hyper-property, then at least they keep an end to it. We're just kidding.

I, Pateley Passenger, while traveling on the flight (on Tsarigradskoto Shosse), remembered the saying №2, while looking at my companions. Most of us are wearing masks. Those who are without are of two types. The expression on one says, "Let's see who makes me put on this rag." The others look out the window and have their forehead written: "first the virus, then the vaccine, finally the 5G, not me."

But we disciplined are also different. You will recognize us by the masks. Disposables have a different shelf life. It seems to some that they have gone through the whole state of emergency and have gone into the situation, with a tendency to push until the fall (hopefully not necessary). Others are obviously newer but are used as a substitute for something you take out of your pocket to wipe. Typical, it's summer, we're sweating. Some wear black fashion masks in the style of "guzar and during coronavirus." There are also passengers in white cotton masks labeled "modest." The latter, however, are a hidden lemon. They are ready for any verbal outbursts of an educational nature.

However, as I travel, I will tell you a story that brought Panto out of the profound creative constipation (because safe from coronavirus). Well, like many other people, Panto has a dog. Not just a pet, but a fierce bitch from Vladaya. We adopted her for two leva. The bitch is half a beagle, half a yard dog (as we have already mentioned from Vladaya). This damn thing of ours is like a kamikaze poured on everything that moves. Therefore, the walks (to be precise, they are in a grove, not in the park) become something like a special forces exercise - lying down, sprinting, surveillance in the bushes, hand-to-hand combat, we did not dig trenches only. Sometimes we get along with a young lady who leads a dog with the appearance of a pit bull (poor thing, just as they are intended).
Ours was attacked by a pit bull some time ago (she also found the master, but in this case, she was innocent). Luckily, she was tall, so the attacker had bitten her on the neck, but her legs were swaying in the air, and she didn't have enough support to complete her hellish deed. Anyway. We meet the lady with the pit bull, I catch the bitch, the other runs merrily with an idea for a game, but the mistress sees a fight. I will save the following details. That Pateley has no mouth filter is a fact. That, everything could get away with a few lines, too. That the other dog turned out to be a Starfordshire Terrier (horror, we insulted him on a pit bull) is also true. We seem to be whispering and disagreeing, while the lady, looking like a young, intelligent environmentalist, turned around and said, "Do you want me to come and break your teeth?" Wow! Just imagine how the aging Panto clings to the young apparently trained person, and she kills his front crowns (they cost as much as 2,300 leva). Probably our native selyandurka with the soy terrier would also take part in the fight. My life was like a movie. I'm kidding, nothing happened. However, once again, I will say that in each of us is hidden an MMA fighter (verbal or manpower). The crown has obviously loosened the restraints, or it may not be from the virus.

I will say it in Japanese - swans drink water from a lake, a geyser rises from the bottom, the sunsets. You have a haiku. Stay healthy, follow the measures against the coronavirus, and do not forget to maintain the balance in the universe—your Pateley traveler.

Haiku by Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2020-06-28 at 18:02

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