dear terri,


ha, i almost began this with "do you remember?" i caught myself in the nick of time. the last time i looked back i walked into a wall. but i do. in appreciation. of you. loving to wes montgomery and santana. your silly way of finishing. that thing you did. we did. with breathing. and the other. my eyes went big. i was shocked. i didn't know. i still think of it. lots of little memories. baby powder under your breasts. the way you befriended bulldog. i thought you might offer yourself out of kindness. i wouldn't have minded. much. dancing, swaying, at the salem armory to, what was it? you were rhythm, i was lead. lying side by side on the fifty-yard line staring into the blue. i still do that. alone. stare into space, that is. the cigarettes you bought for tad. the embroidered heart for me. lynn in red stitching. the blouse. god you were sweet. your laugh. your smile.  down to big sur. the big fight. the big break-up. the reconciliation. the even bigger break-up. the letter from jail. the law degree. the husband. i knew i wasn't the one for you, the dolphins and breast to breast were fun. but not you. pure l.u.g. not even that long. but my, it was fun. what am i forgetting? when i think of it i'll write again.


loving you,






p. s. i'm glad you're happy. i am, too.





Words by one trick pony The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2020-06-29 at 13:58

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Ah, I feel like that's the piece of the puzzle missing from last time's situation you were telling us about. That's how I see it anyway. I think that I see the picture more clearly now. Relationships of the past that spark a sudden, unexpected resurgence of emotions can be a little unsettling is the thought that came to me. Lynn appears to be a little jittery going by her letter's chopped thoughts/sentences. My impression may of course be wrong. Really enjoy this series of yours, merci.