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NOTE:  2020 07 18  02H25 EST  Finally - 



In all reality, I couldn't begin

To pinpoint what made it

Happen, or when.  It seems

Like the result materialized

On its own, and I've only

Recently caught up with it.


What was once impossible

To even imagine, is here.

It's now.  I've made it out

Of the abyss where I was

Chucked in too early.  I even

Conquered the insidious lures.


I was killed; I bled; by others'

Hands, and my very own, too.

I poisoned myself for years,

Day in and day out - the goal

Was to make it stop, somehow.

My destruction only soared...


And one day, I realized it was over. 

But don't ask how it came to be.

I really don't know, as I'm trying to

Process every bit.  And as I move

Further away from all I knew about

Existing, feel I'm finding my footing.

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Written on 2020-07-18 at 08:53

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