When taking out the trash is the highlight of your day and appearances must be upheld.

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Today begins in morning calm

From restful sleep to aching rise

In disjointed gait I move along

My daily ablutions to reprise


Over time my elusive librium 

Becomes quivering  equi slowly

In a staccato riff of tedium

joints and muscles reach harmony


Next the chore of getting dressed

Underthings  best installed

While sitting on a stool assessed

To prevent an unpredicted fall


Socks and pants while sitting there

A shirt within a long stretched grasp

Complete the trousseau matched with care

My choice mute moot a bit perhaps 


And now the shoes for heavens sake

To bend and tie will never do

Loafers now must undertake

A horn and handle ease my throws


Now suitably adorned I’m off

To  take the trash to nearby road

And to my neighbours I now scoff

As their bathrobed hides exit their abodes


Poetry by josephus The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 221 times
Written on 2020-10-06 at 01:31

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