**Adult Content**


I will turn up at your house,
Youíll make a fool of me no more,
How will you feel?
When you see me stand outside your door!

I told you not to play me,
Donít take me for a fool,
You think by changing your number
that everything is cool?

Your sister tried to warn me,
Said you played around with girls,
I wasnít the only side chick
being showered in your pearls,

I found the strength internally,
and now know what Iím doing,
Your wife is gonna find out,
that you and I been screwing,

Eyes are on you everywhere,
I've told everyone in your office,
Remember that one time you told me
that we needed to be cautious?

Now it's falling down for you
Blowing up more by the hour
You shut me out and cut me off,
So I'm taking back my power.

Poetry by MimiV
Read 117 times
Written on 2020-11-07 at 01:20

Tags Sex  Obsession  Affair 

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by MimiV
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