A romantic poetic dialogue between Mike, Lastromomtichero, and me.

Beauty, Fire and Desire

In Worship Of Your Beauty:

I remember the time
When your eyes were filled
With the joy of me
And my name fell
In softness from your lips
And then my heart
Released from me
Came to you
In worship of your beauty

I remember the times:

I remember the times...

I remember the time when you
Whispered softly of my beauty,
Poured honey into my ears...
Your touch gently caressed my skin,
Sending shudders of joy down my spine,
Your fingers gently brushed my hair...
My eyes filled with tears of ecstasy
Of being one with thee,
And I came unto you off my own...

I remember the times...

Do you?

As love got in the way:

It was such a beautiful time
So pure so clear
So tender and true
This gentle caring of
Me and you
And it was
In the winter of
your desire
when the fire died
As love got in the way

Spring of desire:

I remember the spring of desire,
When you and I were on fire,
When smouldering ambers
Suddenly took to flames,
When winter melted
into the summer
of hot flames licking
our beings entire...
Oh, How we were on fire...
Love oozed out of every pore
Love was in our very core...

I remember the spring of desire,

Do you?

This Fire:

I bet you believed
This love would die
But it never would
And it never could
Just like that
It was far too deep
A bit too real
This fire

Souls afire:

Souls on fire

When two souls are on fire
The fires of desire
The desire's always young
The souls never die,
And neither does the fire!
I remember the souls on fire
Full of desire
This fire still burns
The Soul still yearns...

Love is always young...

Authors: Zoya Zaidi and lastromantichero
Aligarh (India) and Berkshire (UK)
Copyright : Zoya Zaidi and lastromantichero

Poetry by Zoya Zaidi
Read 1517 times
Written on 2006-06-14 at 06:49

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Valentin Gabriel Cristea
You are full of love with a great passion.
I liked your poem.Nice and deep with good flow.Good job!


Brillant!! Such vivid emotions!

Kathy Lockhart
Thank you Zoya for putting this all together. You and Mike are amazingly talented poets. This could be nothing more than Perfection! When seeing it all together, I find it reminds me of the book in the Old Testament called: "The Song of Songs" or "The Song of Solomon." That is one romantic book with lots of great and passionate words and imagery. So is this poem. This is bookmarked and added to Fav. xxoo to both of you. kathy

It's delightful to see all these texts finally put together!
The feeling is one of afterglow, which though is much more "glow" than "after" :)

A poetic dialogue pouring romance half a world apart
Zoya - you and Mike touched all our hearts!
A 5!

If I were 'him', I'd marry you straight away if I read this poem!!!!!Its very beautiful,my dear.I like the way love is....like a fire that goes through spring and winter(I love that imagery by the way).You know, I really never undestand what love is but I like the way every day someone always comes up with a way to describe it that warms my heart:)

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
wow Zoya this looks so good and your little interweave of lines at the end of each stanza sets it of so well
rgds mike thank you for the idea and the write rgds mike and now a kiss xxxxx