Oh the Saturday after the days before
When the streets and pedestrian paths
Treacherous with snow turned to ice
Alighting The Loopy Bus at Madeira Walk
Turn off left in to Kent Place down the steps
Keeping to the left so avoiding up coming strollers passing up right side
Homes on the left side - set in a dip - strolers not looking into windows
As walk I pass regency houses with bay widows three levels
Flint wall on the right three quarters - a brick wall final quarter
Maybe there should be murals on the brick wall at Bottom?
A fishing shop that sales bait & rods photos of the fish that did not get away
Past a Fish & Chip shop - can't imagan a seaside town with out it's chippy's can you!

On walking down Kent Place you miss seeing the artwork on the steps by local Students - that can only been sedan on walking up to Madeira Walk
At the bottom of Kent Place reach Harbour Parade
Cross Harbour Parade road heading towards The East Pear
To meet up with me mate Lloyd

As I walk people out and about walking cashaly strolling
On reaching The East Peair looking over the peair wall
At Ramsgate Sands, as the locals refer to the golden beaches as
The sands just packing 'em in - locals enjoying 15C temperature
Only a few days & nights ago night temperatures below zero - day time hovering There

An early spring day - yet the other day - snow & ice what have you been drinking
Or smoking?
Look what is now not what it was the other day!
I note a bloke with his metal detector hopping to uncover a crock of gold walking the Sands

I see me mate, Lloyd sat waiting on the Ewardean Iron framed bench he waives
His walking stick I wave mine back - soon we chatting exchanging news
I hand over a U S B in an envelope full of good shows of entertainment & dockos
& films
We pass a way the time away in each others good company

The snow & ice of the now parsed days now but a vague memory
Spring had sprung - FREE - from Winters embarrass!

Ken D Williams

The Dyslexic Wordsmith Ov Thanet

Poetry by ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2021-02-22 at 20:23

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Soup in the Sand
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