I once got a not so rude shock in my life...I was selected to be the head of a team and i never expected it.
This is an extract of the ceremony.

The Leader

I was standing with the crowd
as the names were called out
I knew that they started from the least
to the head of the team
My anticipation was the number three
from the head.

He called out number five (claps and cheers!),
then called out number four(claps and cheers!),
then I knew it was my name that was next,
"And Number three is....."
I prepared my step
but before lifting my leg to move...
wait a minute,
that was not my name!

Yes I had mistakes from the past
when I was junior
but they did not warrant expulsion
for me not to be promoted to number three!

"And number two is...."
Yes there was the first mistake
but I explained it
then the second - ok it was more serious
but was unavoidable
(claps and cheers!),
And I thought I was forgiven
maybe i was wrong

"And finally,
the head of the team...."
There was the third mistake
but it was not mine as an individual
we were a group
"the leader,
Number one is....."
and the punishment was....

Just a minute
that last name for the number one
sure sounded like mine
But Nah...get serious
(claps and cheers!),

I felt a nudge
telling me to go forward
As I came from the crowd
the cheers increased
were they for me?

In my mind
the questions of how and how and how
were louder than the cheers
How did i end up as number one?
The cheers did not stop
and i did not know why.
I saw myself as not deserving
to lead this great team.

Words by boy
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Written on 2006-06-12 at 20:31

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Well they made their selection for you even though you didn't consider yourself to be selected, that is the beauty of choice.
Thanks for sharing.