I think that i have somehow lost the touch of poetry.that i can no longer feel the feeling and urge to conjure my feelings and emotions to a poetic piece.I feel so helpless!

Losing it?

did i ever lose
my touch of language
my touch of expression

did i ever retire
from the often
of emotional expression

did i ever stop
feeling the emotions
moving from my heart
to my pen
to writing poetry?
I think so.

Oh I feel handicapped
for not being able
to write

Poetry by boy
Read 965 times
Written on 2006-05-06 at 10:51

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Amanda K
well i am passing thru the same phase but don push it and u will write even greater poems.


if you look at the sky and can see white clouds against the blue, then you can admire it.
If you were to describe it as cotton candy sailboats on a sea of sweet azure, then you are still a poet!
This text shows you have not lost your talent, well done!