Most Precious Moments of Life

Most precious are those moments of life
The value of which we don't realize
Till we can never recapture them...

My Mother and I:

My mother who is a poet
Par excellence-
Arguably the best living Urdu poet
Of the subcontinent-
Is my best critic.

Sometimes I recite
My poems to her;
And when ever she happens to like
A couplet or two,
She just keeps mum,
But tears well up in her eyes

Tears of joy
That her daughter has
Touched the chords of her heart
I can see the pride shine through them,
I can sense the pain she feel for my suffering,
I can feel the understanding in her moist eyes...

These tears are the most precious pearls of my life.
Most precious gems in the treasure chest of my heart...

And sometimes we sit together,
Both mother and daughter
Recite our poems to each other
And cry...

Most precious are these moments of life...

Today when I read this to her in the morn,
Her voice grew tremulous over the phone,
I could hear the tears shimmering in her eyes...

These are the most precious moments of my life...

Author: Zoya Zaidi
Aligarh (UP), India
Copy rightę: Zoya Zaidi

Poetry by Zoya Zaidi
Read 1027 times
Written on 2006-06-20 at 12:28

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Nagamuthu Osho
Respected Poet, Doctor,

It is one the best most extraordinary Poem with most ordianry words, with abundance of love flowing, where weeping will fill and wipe my sin under the Sun.

God Bless you,

The motivation is an impeccable and solace moments for every living things.

Your poems are sonorous, pious.

Yours cordially,

Valentin Gabriel Cristea
Deep love in a great heart.Deep feelings and good flow.I liked your poem.I am looking forward to reading more of you.
Good job!

how beautiful to have such a close relationship with your mother,how it shows here how you express with such love for her....
how moments are forever treasured
as memories are all we ever own
as moments are truly remembered.
how gifted you truly are...

night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
I feel so happy for you :) the love you feel for your mother, the way you understand each other. It's perfect just perfect :) Hapiness is only few moments in life we should enjoy those moments when they come :) Once again Zoya good poem, well writen and say Hi to your mother from me :)
Take care

ark Angel
I have had mine. I love it.

What a tremendous hymn to your mother!


I'm really glad to see that you treasure your relationship. Way to many just throw their relationships away! =)

This reminds me about my own mother and I. We recite ideas back and forth, and have a great time together. I haven't read her any of my poems, perhaps I will!

Victoria Pearson
The relationship between mother and daughter..How wonderful it can be...The love can not be exchanged for any other....

I felt the joy you and your mother is something that you explain so fully...

Your writing is so warm and loving...

God Bless...many hugs..

Blessed is your relationship with your mother, and long may it last!!!
This is such a heart-warming work of love....

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
a beautiful poem zoya and a wonderful accolade to you mother rgds mike

Kathy Lockhart
Thank you for posting this Zoya...I had tears in my eyes just thinking about the love between you and your mother and the blessings that you bring to one another. You know that I long to read to my mother as well but she has passed on. I do believe she hears them but I only wish I can hear and see her responses. These are the "Most Precious Moments of Life." xx :))) kathy

Malin Johansson
Thoose tears are so beautiful Zoya...
the tears of love...
Lovely and sensitive poem here Zoya!!!
Hugs to you

beautiful dear Zoya.. I feel tears ripling down my cheeks now... Love between a mother and her daughter is priceless and endless, no one knows how love can be that strong, but it have been since the sun first took her sight over this world, and it will last beyond time and space.

Your only


Beautiful! Indeed she is blessed with you and you with her!