Ivor Gurney, WW1 poet. One of the least known poets. Yet one of The Great Poets. A well educated, yet served in The Ranks. He were not officer mateareal! I prefer Ivor Gurney, to the other more well known WW1 poets. Ivor died in a psychiatric hospital.


I shot him, and it had to be
One of us 'Twas him or me.
'Couldnt be helped' and none can blame
Me, for you would do the same

My mother, she can't sleep for fear
Of what might be a-happening here
To me. Perhaps it may be best
To die, and set her fears at rest

For worst is worst, and worry's done
Perhaps he was the only son...
Yet God keeps still, and does not say
A word of guidance anyway.

Well, if they get me, first I'll find
That boy, and tell him all my mind,
And see who felt the bullet worst,
And ask his pardon, if I durst.

All's a tangle. Here's my job.
A man might rave, or shout, or sob;
And God He takes no sort of heed.
This is a bloody mess indeed.

Ivor Gurney - August 1880 - 1937

Poetry by ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2021-04-06 at 18:01

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