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NOTE:  2021 05 13  12H06 EST  Ramblings 554 -

Ramblings 554


it's no use, i think this is done.

there's really nothing of the fray

that is left to be expressed.


it's all been said a thousand 

times over, if not millions,

so it's really not necessary


to devise more ways to say

the same goddamned things.

'cause where's the interest?


it's no use, i've lost mine

a very long time before now.

it only feels like wastes of time


distracting the ultimate goal

of life's natural pointlessness.

adding mine to the mix?


well, that's more than old...

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Written on 2021-05-13 at 18:12

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Very well expressed, :>)

I totally feel and think the same way.Great work.Says so much!!!