Overjoyed at the return of my dearest friend after an absence of three months, I sent the prodigal a welcome note, this the poetic dialogue that ensued between KJC and me...

Gems in the Fabric of life

Welcome back K.!
Let me now spread those, red, red tulips,
At your feet dear friend, to welcome you
Back into my fold, from where you had fled.
Let me tell, right away, how much I admire you,
For your courage, your resilience, your love for
Life, True! You are in my eyes friend, a true fighter too.
Let these flowers tell you: How much I love you!
My friend KJC, you are a friend true!
All the best, your dear friend Zoya wishes you!
Welcome back K.!

What can I say! I will have to come back, you words make me cryyyyyyyyyyyy!!--------------

Yours' are the words
Those always bring, tears to my heart,
Your warmth filters through your words,
I knew that from the very start.
The day I first heard your voice,
The day you touched my soul,
The day you crept into my heart,
The day was the day of my soul...
I knew that from the very beginning,
You are the friend of my soul...

that is so lovely like a dove that lands on the heart
breathing the words that are full of life and love
is the gentleness interweaved on the wings of a dove..
the whispers of more than what is said on each letter read
is felt through each embrace, friendship, creativity even things unsaid.
love is present and breathes through each message from the heart.

In this intricate fabric of life,
Are interwoven so many threads of strife,
Each day brings a new surprise
Each day a new hope,
Each day a new strive,
Sometimes we find some
gems some pearls, while we
go about our life,
without even looking for a friend we
find, a gem given by Providence by chance,
That it colours up the very fabric of our life,
Giving it a new texture, a new beauty, a new life,
And how it happens, we don't even realize?
Such is the fabric of life in all is beauty, and radiance
With all its hues,
With all its texture of brilliance and magnificence.

Authors : Zoya Zaidi and KJC
Aligarh (India) and Brisbane (Australia)
Copyright : Zoya Zaidi and KJC

Poetry by Zoya Zaidi
Read 565 times
Written on 2006-06-15 at 12:38

Tags Friendship 

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Julie Zerbe
Very pretty this, and I *love* the title, as well as the thought behind it. True friends really are the gems of life. Beautiful!

Magnificant!! I love this tribute!

Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
It does glitter! How can it do otherwise? When two diamonds who sparkle like stars unite, the world around them is bathed in their light!!
Love you both my sparkling, shinning, light-filled gems! xxxx :) kathy

Hey, this text glitters!

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
A lovely poem from your convos with KJC wel done Zoyas for sharing this rtgds Mike