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NOTE:  2021 06 15  21H35 EST  Ramblings 561 - 

Ramblings 561


The heart's so sore

Doesn't know where

It should throw itself


The pains of trauma

On an incessant loop

Unfixable brokenness


The blood's an obsession

Feeding the delusion

It's the only way to better


The interests are waning

As the madness carousel

Wants to start up its gears


The poisons' memories are

Master manipulators which

Trick the soul to go back


The hopes are a distant

Notion of a long ago time

And there's no escape


This life's nothing to want

Or care to carry through

'Cause enough is enough


The energy required to 

Make the best of impossible

Crushes all feebling resolve


But what I want, what I can

Do to permanently solve this

Will never be mine

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Written on 2021-06-16 at 03:37

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Michael R. Burch
I think many of us have felt this way in the year of the pandemic. As if life wasn't difficult enough before. This line in your poem reminds me of one of my favorite poems by A. E. Housman: This life's nothing to want