A story about someone who had it all, Then lost it

Lost love

Walking round the corner I spot an urban fox,
she needs my home tonight more than me.
Built it myself from many a cardboard box.
This cold snap has caught many unawares.
Thinking about my cardboard home took
my mind back to where I didn't want to go.
To the days of the house I built for my wife,
when my son came along it was the happiest
I've ever been. Yes we were the happy three,
The snow fell heavy that year. Blaming
myself for not having the time to take my
boy out to play. My darling took our boy
out in the falling snow, I watched
in horror as the truck skidded round the
corner sideways, Flipped over striking both
of them. No I couldn't face going home.
As long as I didn't go in I felt they were still
their, yes I could still see them, laughing,
Playing. Years past. Wondering round the
back streets and ally ways shunning people.
Most look at me, Cross the road as though I
wasn't there. Some drunken kids saw me
thought they would have some fun at my
expense. Knocking me over and kicking me, An
old man. I could always look after myself but
as they threw some half eaten chicken at me,
Seeing me grovel for the food set them in fits
of laughter, As they carried on kicking me.
Day time disappeared fast night had reappeared.
Torment of the day not totally forgotten,
Not all tramps and hobos are built the same.
Walking back to my home made shelter,
Remembering I would have to share with
a fox and her pups, She needed it more than me.
Heading towards the seafront instead, Oh what
heaven I thought, A bench with seafront views.
How the rich must live, last summer I tried to
stay on one, Until I took a beating for being their.
Nobody likes it during the winter, Even with a roof
on It. Its cold, To cold tomorrow the soup kitchen
opens, It always does when weather turns nasty.
Be nice to have full belly and a place to sleep.
These bones of mine don't seem to be feeling
the cold as they usually do. That night my son came,
I cried at first. His tiny fingers clasped my hand,
The cold left me, Even my old shoes seemed new.
The widest smile crossed my face, As tears of Joy
fell to the ground, He said, "Come on daddy
mummy's waiting". In the morning two girls
found me, Called the police. As one girl spoke
looking at her friend, " How sad to die like that,
wrapped in newspapers and dustbin bags". Her
friend replied, " Yes how sad, He couldn't have
died unhappy though, I wonder who put that smile
on his face".

Short story by Alan J Ripley The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2021-08-24 at 00:23

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