How my shoes meet


Calling round my girlfriends,
One wet and windy day.
Then decided for the weekends,
That was where I wished to stay.

On the lounge sofa I was allowed to sleep.
For when I fall into a slumber so deep,
Not even train wheels turning,
Could I here a squeak,

My story begins
Before I hit the sack;
Let me tell you what happened,
When I started to nap.

Taking off my shoes that evening,
They got themselves together and started to swing.
Tiptoed round the corner, In the dead of night.
Carried on up the stairs, Till they were out of sight.

To where my girls shoes were in the bedroom,
Hiding in the closet next to the broom.
Admitting to one another they had a crush,
My girls shoes smiled then started to blush.

My shoes said, your such a pretty pair,
Why not go for a kiss under the stairs.
At the thought of that her shoes turned red,
They ended up snuggling under the bed.

I hunted for my shoes upstairs and down,
Where I left them they would never be found.
Why they got under the bed I just couldn't say,
That was where we found them the very next day.

How they got there I don't have a clue,
With tongues hanging out laces too.
Cuddling up between them all covered in blue,
Was the cutest little pair of baby shoes.

Yes I found our shoes together under the bed,
That was the day we decided to wed.
Just as it was meant to be,
Her shoes and mine together for eternity.


Poetry by Alan J Ripley The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 75 times
Written on 2021-08-28 at 21:40

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