BLADE OF GRASS Part 5 Otherworld series

Standing in the forest,
There's a lonely blade of grass,
Not going anywhere,
But growing very fast.

One day he sat there crying,
This is what he said.
" It's lonely being me,
I wish that I was dead".

A baby flower,
Heard what was said.
" Don't cry little blade of grass,
Why not come and play instead".

A talking flower,
The blade of grass
Thought this rather perculiar.
He'd never heard a flower talk,
She said her name was pertunea.

Pertunea was very good to me;
Not caring what others said
On cold cold winter nights.
She let me snuggle up,
In her flower bed.

Whilst I was very young,
Full of the springs of life.
I realized I'd found a friend,
As I grew I new I'd found a wife.

Now standing tall,
Our children play around me.
Feeling proud,
As any one could be.

No longer a blade of grass,
But an idle flower tree.
Sheltering many creatures,
As pertunea did for me.

Poetry by Alan J Ripley
Read 80 times
Written on 2021-10-03 at 16:51

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