Words On The Wall

As you write these words upon the wall
of sorrows
I see the tears flow like yesterdays song
The words you speak are like daggers within
the darkest of night
I can feel your pain as you pen these words
The looks you throw my way are bullets of sickness
within your heart
I am only human I make mistakes
I know you want me gone
You want revenge of the past
You want the devil within me
You want me to bleed and die with shame
No matter what you do you will make your own self
burn in hell
You have shown before with poor wisdom of love
You wanted me to die a dreadful death
Down on knees I give you me to do as you please
Take the head of words
Take the limbs of evil
Take the heart of wrongful love
Take the soul of disaster
Take the spirit of denial
Take the dust of pain and give me love
of my own
I will come back and be the world
I am the master and you are the slave
I will give you love and beyond
because you are me

Poetry by wbluerose02
Read 832 times
Written on 2006-06-18 at 21:37

Tags Sad 

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this was really good (y)


Love Knight
That is amazing passion. Love it. Hit me back up. think about adding me as a friend. Passionate and love combined can make a good outcome. Friend?????