One Voice Heard

I sit in my room lonely and blue
thinking of you
Tears fall as I feel you slip from
my embrace
My heart torn and my lungs
I try to pull you closer but
you fall father from my touch
Echoes rumble throughout the
Screams become louder I try to drown
the sound with my own heart beating
I feel like I'm drowning within my own
I call out but no answer came
I tried once again but this time
my own voice was heard
Don't leave me I say
Come back to me
Don't leave me here alone
Your my only need
Your my only breath I breathe
Did you leave me here because you
seek revenge
Do you like me in misery
Do you feel I am of threat
Save me from my own pain
Love me within my own desire
Kiss me within my own love
Hurt me for this pain I need
Do as you will but I ask you to come
and take me with you
Let us drown in our own passion
of ecstasy

Poetry by wbluerose02
Read 968 times
Written on 2007-01-11 at 02:56

Tags Love 

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