Time to confront my biggest fear


Oh well time to wake,
Get dressed; Go for
a walk down by the lake.
Oh for goodness sake:

Why is it so black?
Can't see the sunlight
Shining, Through the
Tiniest of cracks.

Think it must be
That macular; That's
got a hold of me.

Oh well let's try
To make some tea,
This blackness
Isn't fair to me.

Now let me see,
Kettle first
Wait for it to boil,
All this for a cuppa tea.

Saw on internet,
Really need a nurse.
Get cup put thumb in it,
Tea bag, Hope it doesn't burst.

Fill cup to bottom off thumb,
Ow hot hot hot!
I really feel quite dumb.
Think my hand has gone numb.

This blindness wish I could forget,
Oh you silly old git; I bet
The reason I'm blind,
Haven't opened my eyelids yet.

As I opened my eyelids I
Thought, could go for that
Walk in the park. As I opened them
Fully, No I said. " Still dark".

Poetry by Alan J Ripley The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 67 times
Written on 2021-10-01 at 02:08

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