A very old poem, written by me in my twenties. One and a half eon ago. Made to bolster my ego. And it did. Nowadays though... Nah!
But still, it's a very cocky poem.

© Broken Foot '06


Well well you stars - rushing on the nightsky!

You can rush all you want, because

I'll nevertheless always catch up with you!

You just rush on with all your available power,

it's just nothing compared to mine!

Every step I take makes the heavens shake

and the suns look like small glowing sparks!

When my feet moves me further on, there is

heard a whiplash for each step like the sound

of a hundred thundering Thor-hammers!

So, woe betide you, when I reach my destination.

Because when my being arrives at its destiny -

the heavens will meet in a gigantic armageddon-bang!

All the ever told sagas and rhymed rhymes

and the whole unique existence of the universe

is thrown at my fateful feet.

By then, there will be no time for consideration.

You see - I will be fulfilled!

Poetry by Broken Foot
Read 723 times
Written on 2006-06-19 at 00:16

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