Having dyslexia and dysculcia
I always left finance's to my wife.


AHH sweet sixteen is when we meet,
The good times outweighed the bad time's.
No I cannot forgive lest I forget.

Being dyslexic she often looked after the account,
Money was tight, I often dispared at our life.
Not being able to afford the luxuries,
For my deserving wife.

She would disparagingly hunt for an account,
I asked and asked and asked ;
Although I loved her to nothing it did amount.

Forty odd years went by sometimes all I do is cry,
All around me had House's why did they why why why.
Then I lost my credit card as COVID struck,
Like a lightning bolt from a clear blue sky.

So as a joint account I used other half's
credit card, Covid hit me hard.
I think I was first of many, Doctors didn't know
what was going on. Striking muscles one by one,
As the carer for the rest of my family I found it very hard.

I was off sick as the furlough hit, As I got my pension,
Made my living wage. Wife no longer had a credit card.
For her between us she had an imaginary tension,
She often asks do I still love her, Bless,
The answers always yes.

In six months our savings went up,
As my health spiraled down.
I received a commendation from work,
What goes around comes around.

It seems I left part of me behind,
Yes COVID took that life from me.
Retirement came unwillingly at first,
My imaginary prison couldn't break me free.

One thousand a month she spent,
For Forty years in charity shops no less.
The house was like our lives,
Always in a mess.

They say love is blind,
But stupid and dumb I cannot lie.
I'm a carer for my family,
Sometimes I wish that I could die.

How can I live a life,
Filled with such sorrow.
I'm too much a coward to take my life
Perhaps I'll have better luck tomorrow.

Now there's no money left,
Do I still love them all.
Can't you even guess,
What would your answer be?
Mine is always yes.

Poetry by Alan J Ripley The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 56 times
Written on 2024-07-08 at 22:05

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