about the someone, who is out there for everyone, someone else...

somebody else

Sometimes I dream of things
that we could do together
Sometimes I lay awake at nigth
wishin' I was bether

Wishin' you could love me
for who I tuly am
sorry babe, I'm not good enough
just as I am

But remember I wont change 4you
and this love may not last
So know you were a lucky dude
before it turned to blast

cuz' Someone may not ever find
the whom who they may love
the one who dear to open up
to show what they are made of

Someone may just take the risk
cuz' Someone may not hide
Someone will be able to
Love me without the pride

Someone other, may let it show
If they truly care
Someone can just dear to try
even if they fear

and Someone will I try to find
who keeps me in his heart
Someone who will love me so
it hurts when we're apart

That Someone I will find
that love at my accord
Even if it's just a dream
I make when I am bored

But at least this other Someone
is not you
Thats the only hope I have
to make it through

Keeps me off the bad thougths
keep me standin' by
and when the Someone comes along
I'll also give a try

someone may just love me
for everything n' all
that Someone can just be there
to catch me when I fall

Someone I will give
my heart, my soul, my all
just that' Someone I'll let in
behind my biggest wall

just so you can stand alone
knowing you missed out
you let the love pass by in fear
Cuz' you had some doubt

Someday you may also find
the special Someone too
until that day comes
You're stuck on loving you

Poetry by ChiLLie
Read 736 times
Written on 2006-06-19 at 00:35

Tags Someone 

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I loved it! :)
Keep on writing texts like this, and I will keep on reading ;)
once again.. wonderful write ;)

Its a very powerful, personal write there. I love your never-say-die spirit
"That Someone I will find
that love at my accord
Even if it's just a dream
I make when I am bored"
Its beautiful.